Obstetrical Patient Transport Decision

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Patient known to be < 20 weeks gestation:

  • Last menstrual period, < 20 weeks or verifiable ultrasound proven dates or other proof of < 20 weeks gestation.
  • Transport to the closest Emergency department (not closest obstetric facility).

Patient known gestation or possible gestation > 20 weeks:

  • If imminent delivery or medically unstable mother, transport to the closest ED, (not closest obstetric facility).
  • If patient with non traumatic abdominal, pelvic or back complaints, (including bleeding or vaginal fluid leak).
    • Transport to the closest appropriate obstetric facility.
    • Contact appropriate obstetric facility ED for radio report and any additional direction/assistance.
    • May transport to the patient’s requested obstetric receiving facility, (i.e. high risk pregnancy with pre-selected obstetrical destination); if patient is not having imminent delivery.

If patient is a TRAUMA ALERT

  • Transport to Orlando Regional Medical Center (as per protocol)
  • Non Trauma Alert patients are to be transported to the ED of the closest OB receiving facility.

Appropriate Obstetric Receiving Facilities:

Central Florida Regional Hospital (Seminole)

Florida Hospital Altamonte (Seminole)

Winnie Palmer Hospital (Orange)

  • Call ORMC and transport at their directive.

Florida Hospital Orlando (Orange)

Winter Park Memorial (Orange)

NOTE: South Seminole Hospital OB Department is permanently closed as of January 31, 2011. Do not transport patients to that facility.