Hazardous Materials

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Section 5 -MEDICAL


  • It is imperative that the SAFETY of the civilian and emergency personnel be maintained while dealing with Hazardous Materials.
  • PROTECT YOURSELF! Do not attempt to treat or remove the patient from exposure without appropriate personal protective equipment.
  • Request response of Specialty Units / Haz-Mat Team.
  • Maintain safe zone and assess scene from appropriate distance.
  • Request information from Haz-Mat Incident Commander as to safety of approaching victims.
  • After obtaining clearance from Haz-Mat Team and / or after the patient is decontaminated:
    • While wearing heavy rubber gloves or two pair of regular exam gloves, remove ALL patient's clothing and place all materials, including the gloves, in a red biohazard bag.
    • Irrigate patient with water.
  • Advise Initial Receiving Facility of situation as soon as possible to facilitate early hospital preparations.
  • INITIAL MEDICAL or TRAUMA CARE (2.01/2.02). Follow appropriate Practice Parameters for specific cases.