T-POD Pelvic Stabilization Device

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Procedure Guidelines

9.40 T-POD Pelvic Stabilization Device


  • Suspected or proven unstable pelvic fracture demonstrated on radiograph
  • Mechanism of injury consistent with possible pelvic fracture with physical exam
    • Abrasions and contusions around the pelvic area
    • Hematoma above the inguinal ligament, to the scrotum, or the thigh
  • Mechanism of injury consistent with possible pelvic fracture with hemorrhagic shock without another source of hemorrhage


For suspected hip fracture (indicated by pain, shortening and/or rotation of the affected extremity), splint with padding to protect the hip and comfort the patient. The use of a T-Pod is not indicated for patients with a suspected hip fracture.

Application Procedure

  • Slide Belt under supine patient and into position under the pelvis.
  • Trim the Belt, leaving a 6-8” gap over the center of the pelvis. As an alternative, the belt can also be folded under itself, do not roll it, there is a maximum of 2 layers of material
  • Apply Velcro-backed Mechanical Advantage Pulley System to each side of the trimmed Belt.
  • Slowly draw tension on the Pull Tab, creating simultaneous, circumferential compression.
  • Secure the Velcro-backed Pull Tab to the Belt.
  • Record the date and time of application on the space provided. Re-evaluate distal pulse, motor, and sensation (PMS) of both extremities regularly and document in the PCR.

Special Considerations

  • If an obese patient requires T-POD®, two belts may be affixed together using one power unit as an extender and the other as the pulley
  • Children less than 50 lbs. (23 Kg) may be too small to obtain the 6-inch gap needed for closure. If the ends of the T-POD® overlap, it will not be effective in stabilizing the pelvis.
  • The T-POD® can be released to check for skin integrity and provide wound care, as necessary. For long transports, the T-POD® should be released every twelve (12) hours to check for skin integrity and reapplied as soon as possible.